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It is becoming more frequent for former partners to resolve their property or parenting settlement by mutual agreement without legal representation. In some cases this is not recommended due to a variety of reasons including unequal bargaining power, coercion or threats or it results in unjust and inequitable agreement.

Perhaps due to recent media coverage of the long delays and excessive costs in the Australian family law system, people are recognising the damage ongoing family disputes can do to themselves, their children and their lives generally. As such, they become more inclined to negotiate a settlement they think fair and reflects their own particular circumstances.

If that is the case, we always recommend that regardless of the agreement made, it should always be drafted by a family lawyer and filed in court accordingly. There are any number of examples of people drafting their own agreement, submitting it to the court only to be dismissed as it did not comply with legislation, was inequitable, unenforceable or simply incoherent.


Whatever agreement you reach with your former partner, have us read over it. We don’t intend redrafting a document merely because we can, nor do we try to unnecessarily change the substance of the agreement if we believe it falls “within the range” and the Registrar will probably approve the order.

We look over your proposed agreement and provide you upfront and straight forward advice on whether it will be approved, what else needs to be covered and what you need to do to achieve your settlement. Whether or not you choose us to ultimately draft the document correctly is always up to you but you should at the very least come in and talk to us.

We offer fixed fee drafting and filing of consent orders so you know exactly how much you will pay and be confident the orders you get will be approved and drafted correctly. Contact us to discuss your circumstances and how we can help resolve your consent orders.

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