Child Support Applications

Child support laws in Australia are designed to ensure the interests and wellbeing of the child are met, taking into consideration child custody and the capacity of each parent to support the child. There are three types of child support options available depending on your financial circumstances and how easily you and your ex-partner can reach an agreement: a Child Support Agreement, a Child Support Assessment, and Court Ordered Child Support.

Child Support Agreement

A Child Support Agreement is a private agreement between both parties outlining how much child support is to be paid and how often. It can also include provisions on which parent will pay for certain expenses such as school, medical expenses, clothing, etc. This type of agreement is drafted and agreed upon by both parties, before being registered with the Child Support Agency (part of the Department of Human Services) as a legally binding agreement.

Child Support Assessment

The most common type of child support arrangement is a Child Support Assessment. An application is made to the Child Support Agency, who then contact each parent to investigate income, care percentage and any other factors that may influence the outcome. An assessment is then issued to each parent, outlining who is required to pay who and how much.

If you are unhappy with the assessment provided, we can guide you in entering into Administrative Review, in which you object to the assessment. We can offer advice on where an objection is appropriate and help you to achieve an outcome that better suits both parties. Assessments are automatically reviewed and reassessed by the Child Support Agency after a set period of time, usually no longer than 15 months.

Court Ordered Child Support

Where the child in question is over 18, an application can be made to the Family Court for child maintenance. We can assist you in filing this application accurately and effectively to achieve the best outcome.

Contact us to discuss your circumstances and we can provide clear, practical advice on what type of child support would best suit your family.

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