How It Works

Once an Application is made to the CSA an officer will be in contact with each parent to determine the background of each and call for disclosure on income, care percentage etc. After gathering that information the formula will be applied and an Assessment will issue to both parents which sets out, effectively, who will pay who and how much.

There are mechanisms in place to object to the Assessment made called Administrative Review. Again this is taken by the CSA and we can offer advice as the considerations in a review and where an objection is appropriate.

Other areas we can assist is the advising and drafting a private Binding Child Support Agreement. This agreement, correctly drafted and submitted to the Registrar, takes the place of an Administrative Assessment. It can include provisions on how much periodic child support one parent will provide the other and/or which parent will pay for certain expense such as school, medical, clothing etc.

Strict compliance with the legislation is required to ensure it remains enforceable. If you think you and your partner could negotiate your own child support agreement without the need of the CSA then contact us to discuss further. Once drafted by a solicitor and advice given, the agreement becomes binding on the parties and will determine the future child support for your children.

Contact us to discuss your circumstances and whether we think your circumstances would suit a Binding Child Support Agreement.

How can we help you with Child Support?

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