We provide a full family law service for those seeking advice or representation on property settlements, parenting agreements, child support and divorce.

If you have recently separated you need to understand your rights and entitlements  before you begin discussions on what to do with the kids or the property.

Peter Andrews provides quality advice up front that focuses on practical resolutions that can be achieved in a timely manner without the stress and expense of litigation.

Family law cases are incredibly stressful and difficult to resolve due to the emotions involved. Get a professional on your side early and call Peter to talk it through

Why Choose Us

At Peter Andrews Lawyer Pty Ltd, we offer practical and experienced advice that you can understand that manifests into enforceable legal agreements or orders.

Our service is directed to those who sensibly do not wish to spend tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in bitter, protracted disputes arguing over the silverware.

If you wish to focus on achieving a resolution quickly, that is within the range of outcomes a court would likely order and know exactly how much it will cost, then contact us to discuss your circumstances.

We act in amicable matters where the parties have reached an agreement and need consent orders to finalise it right through to matters where the parties are in open conflict with each other and require the full gambit of family law services.

The majority of family law matters need not be complex and typically require straight forward advice on what a Judge would likely order and how to formalise it such that it is legal, and most importantly, finished.

We are here to finalise your matters in a cost effective, ethical and pragmatic way so you can get on with your life as soon as possible.