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We provide a full family law service for those seeking advice or representation on property settlements, parenting agreements, child support and divorce and more.

How It Works

Each family law matter has its own set of circumstances and yours will be no different. We have long experience in managing your matter to a fair resolution so you can move on with your life as soon as possible.


Free Consultation

Firstly, we offer a no obligation and no cost initial consultation to talk about what issues you face and how we can help. We will discuss your options and how you can achieve a prompt resolution while also detailing costs you will incur in achieving settlement of your matter. We understand the emotions involved and above all, the fear of the unknown that confronts everyone experiencing relationship breakdown.


Evidence and Information Gathering

Secondly, we gather all the evidence and information to support your case. We take detailed instructions from you to sort through what is relevant and prioritise the areas that need to be actioned first. Typically, this is an administrative process and we rely on you to gather as much information as you can to keep costs down.


Make Contact

Thirdly, we contact your former partner and any involved parties. Our goal here is not to stir up further emotion, we are here to help you resolved a problem and do so in a prompt and economical manner. We are resolute in the defence and prosecution of your interests and have a long experience in dealing with objectionable and difficult partners.


Case Resolution

After a period disclosure from both sides, we aim to be in a position to make a proposal for settlement. We do not see the utility in engaging in lengthy negotiations of claim and counter claims and we encourage all parties to move to a mediation. Once we make a deal with the other side we formalise it by way of legally enforceable agreement or consent orders filed in court.

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Why Choose Us

11 Years’ Family Law Experience on the Northside
At Peter Andrews Lawyer Pty Ltd, we offer practical and experienced advice that you can understand that manifests into enforceable legal agreements or orders.

Money Saving
Our service is directed to those who sensibly do not wish to spend tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in bitter, protracted disputes arguing over the silverware.

Fast Resolution
We focus on achieving a resolution quickly, that is within the range of outcomes a court would likely order and know exactly how much it will cost.

Straight Forward Advice
The majority of family law matters need not be complex and typically require straight forward advice on what a Judge would likely order and how to formalise it such that it is legal, and most importantly, finished.

Cost Effective
We are here to finalise your matters in a cost effective, ethical and pragmatic way so you can get on with your life as soon as possible.

Payment Options
Payment plans and options are available using RapidPay our chosen legal payment provider specialists. Speak to our team today about pament plan for your legal fees.

Meet Peter Andrews

Director – BA LLB GDiplLegPrac MQLS

Peter has practised extensively in family law for many years having appeared before courts in most jurisdictions across the country. With a preference for a collaborative approach to managing disputes, Peter prides himself on effective, practical and straight forward advice with a mind on his clients’ costs.

Peter is a married father of three young and opinionated children and believes he could still make the batting line up of the Australian cricket team.